Brianna Williams

My name is Brianna Williams and I am a 21 year old Philadelphia native. Unlike many people where I come from, I have done a lot of traveling. As a child, my parents made it their priority to make sure that I was exposed to places other than Philadelphia. Starting from when I was 6, we traveled up and down the east coast every year. My first trip was to Disney world in Orlando, Florida. We drove 15 hours there and of course we took a few tourists stops along the way. We stayed at this amazing condo for about a week while we visited various amusement parks and landmarks. The next year my mother decided to take us back so that I could finally experience the “big kid” rides and I was so excited! This time we only stayed there for 4 days. My next trip was to Virginia, where we visited Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. By then, I was 8 years old and able to get on the rides with my three older siblings. This trip is where I fell in love with rollercoasters. We visited Virginia the following year as well. However, thought I had been on four trips, I still hadn’t been on a plane. For three years following that, my mother took us to Blue Rock Campground, which was 2 hours outside of Philadelphia. Some may not call this traveling, but I do. This was my most challenging traveling experience. Although it was hard to adapt to the bugs and lack of technology and plumbing, this experience helped me to appreciate the things that I have. Now let’s fast forward to 2016 where I finally took my first plane ride. For my older brother’s college graduation, we went on a cruise. We took a plane to Miami and we boarded the ship from there. This experience was bittersweet. It was good for me because I was able to experience a different culture, but I did not like the airplane ride. I think that this trip to Jamaica will also be a pleasant experience in learning new culture. Although I will be focusing on the biological aspects of Jamaica, I will still be submerged in Jamaican culture for three weeks. I believe that having knowledge of diverse cultures is an attribute that everyone should have seeing that America is such a diverse country. I am very excited for this experience and I hope that you are ready to follow me along the way!

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