Tuesday, November 30

Bi-Weekly Convocations: Too Much?

 By Khadeem Hughson

          Among the new policies and procedures issued at Lincoln University,one of the most notable is the twice weekly convocations, advocated by President Dr. Robert Jennings.

          Jennings has decided that one way to advance the legacy of Lincoln University is by holding campus-wide convocations each Tuesday and Thursday from 11 to 12 p.m. in the ICC. The convocations cover a variety of topics from women’s and men’s health, celebrated Alumni and honor society inductions.

         The concept of weekly convocations has excited some, but not others. After several weeks of these convocations students and
faculty are beginning to voice their opinions.

         “I don’t like it. It’s different from anything I’m accustomed to. It should be once a week,” said senior and Education major, Tiya Simmons.

         In addition to the issue of attendance many feel the frequency of the convocations will devalue the importance of more major
conferences. Simmons believes that weekly convocations should be optional and classes should still be held during those times. “There’s no way to assure students will even attend,” she said.

         A large number of Lincoln’s students were missing from the Student Government Association Induction held two weeks ago.

         Director of Career Services, Ralph Simpson said, “I don’t know if it’s sustainable, speaking from a staff and administrative
perspective. Everyone is spread pretty thin.” Simpson went on to say he supports the convocations and intends to attend each one.

         Simpson believes that the new tradition will last because of the benefits for everyone involved, especially students, “It allows
students to congregate and builds camaraderie; something we need,” he said.  He also reasoned that this is something brand new for the university and students, faculty and staff should stick by it and then evaluate its effectiveness later
down the line.

         University Vice President, Dr. F. Carl Walton, echoed a similar sentiment regarding the purpose of the twice a week meetings,
“Convocations are designed to bring the community together and expose students to leaders and scholars and the different perspectives they bring.”

          Dr. Walton mentioned that he is not oblivious to negative backlash of the new custom. He added, “If students have good ideas
about what we should be talking about I encourage them to let me know.”

To pacify the concerns of convocation skeptics Dr. Walton asserted moving forward students will play a more integral role in choosing the topics and design of the convocations.

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