Wednesday, October 27

Beyoncé has Cancelled

By Marla Carter

In exactly a month the Coachella Festival will be kicking off, but resale rates has skyrocketed after Beyoncé has announced she will not be performing.

Due to the doctor’s orders, pregnant Beyoncé was told that she would not be allowed to perform at the Coachella this year.

In the upcoming months, she will have to keep up a less rigorous schedule.

But all is not lost Goldenvoice and Parkwood were pleased to confirm that Beyoncé will be the headliner at the 2018 festival.

An insider told exclusively that Jay Z is breathing a sigh of relief.

“This pregnancy is proving a LOT more challenging than either of them suspected and he was super worried that she was overextending herself and would end up hurting herself in some way.” said Jay Z.

Beyoncé’s fans were not as supportive after hearing the news; many fans asked for a refund because they only bought the tickets only to see her performance, others question who’s going to replace her spot.

Lets vote, who’s good enough to replace Queen Bey!?

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