Are Pageants Even Necessary?

By: Alyson Robinson    The main light abruptly goes out, and welcomes the presence of one circular beam of colored light that provides a subtle view of the shiny wooden stage of the International Cultural Center. A womanly figure in a long, beautiful dress appears into the spotlight and introduces herself as the person the crowd wants for their next queen.

Pageants are a staple of the general society and it is no different on our beloved campus. For many years, Lincoln University has seen an array of pageants. Greeks and other organizations put on pageants that serve as fundraisers, advertisement, and the general hype factors, aside from parties.

This therefore benefits the organizers, but it can still be questioned if pageants benefit the participants.

“I feel pageants are good because it gives the organization a face to the group or even helps to find a Queen or king for them,” said senior Antoine Aluqdah of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. “Some participants do this at the national level and it helps them get ready for those competitions. It helps the participants to get over any speech problems, so presentations become easy to them “

Some disagree with Aluqdah, they think pageants are only beneficial, in terms of popularity and money making.

“I feel like it’s a complete waste of money, yes from a business standpoint its profitable and its good for getting people to know the organization or even just the girls, but its really just pointless,” said Anthony Bell, senior.

The major pageant on Lincoln’s campus is the upcoming Mr. and Miss. Lincoln pageant that takes place annually.  This pageant serves to find the suitable pair who will fill the title roles of the pageant and their runners up, who become Mr. and Miss. Lincoln Orange and Blue and Lincoln Legacy.

“I think the schools main pageant is an excellent production because it highlights some of Lincoln’s many well rounded students,” said Camille Duberry, a junior and one of the coordinators of the Caribbean Students Association’s pageant, Miss Diversity.  “I think Pageants are a good idea because it not only strengthens their public speaking capabilities, but it proves to everyone else that it just isn’t about winning and having a crown, because the task taken up is where the challenge really begins”

Whether or not pageants are beneficial to the contestants, they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Upcoming pageants for the rest of the semester are the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Black and Gold Pageant, the Caribbean Students’ Miss Diversity pageant and the big one, The annual Miss Lincoln University Pageant.

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