By Rashard Roles

Mass Comm Week was extremely interesting. Even before it started I could tell it would be unlike any other Mass Comm Week that Lincoln has had, due to the way it was promoted and how serious teachers and faculty members where treating it. I have never been to anything at Lincoln where food and beverages were provided at every event for the week, so that alone just let students know that faculty really wanted us to come outa way to a college students heart is food.

Now I am not a Mass Comm Major, so I am sure that I didn’t have the same experience as everyone else, but I still enjoyed myself. One of my favorite events was when graduates from the Mass Comm Department came to Lincoln and spoke to us. I think that’s always good to see people that were in our shoes not too long ago come back and speak to us about what the real world is like, and ways to utilize our resources at school, and how to start searching for jobs. The best tutors and mentors are our peers.

Another event that I really enjoyed was when photographer Ransom Rockwood and comedian Mia Jackson came to speak with us. I really appreciated them doing that for us because a lot of the students here want to be in their shoes. I also participated in the photo competition. My submission picture is the one posted above. The title of my picture is “Agricultural Makeup” and it was my rendition and opinion on what I think of Lincoln University. I think it is beautiful and peaceful and away from everything city-like. Although I didn’t win, I still enjoyed participating and I still appreciate the advice from the guest speakers that I received—it was kind of like a metaphor.

Another event that I really enjoyed was the Haitian portion. I am currently planning a fashion show inspired by red roses to help raise money for a Haitian family that was affected by the hurricane. The Haiti story is one that is extremely close to my heart and a story that I really want to fix and help with so to have a Haitian come talk to us about community service opportunities really interested me. .

The last event that I really enjoyed was the one when the seniors talked to the rest of the mass comm department majors. They gave us suggestions and advice on how to succeed with this major. They explained how its not all fun and hard work goes into this for true success to come about. It also makes students feel more comfortable when they are communicating with their peers rather than their teachers. Peer on peer relationship tends to be more affective and engaging.

Overall, I will say that my experience was really interesting. Because I am not a Mass Comm major, I didn’t think I would find interest in any of the events…but I was wrong. I actually found interest in all of the events I attended. I am very appreciate and thankful for the departments staff because it was obvious that this is a passion of theirs and they worked really hard and planned really well for that week. One thing that continues to resonate with me is what photographer Ransom Rockwood said to us so much about life in general and how we should chase our dreams and not do something jus because. He expressed that everyone has a giftEveryone has a talent and they should utilize that talent because it’s our gift from God.

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