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Beyond the Tram: Portugal & Canada

By: Kirk Henderson, Madelynn Michell, Mya Oliver Learn how to plan a trip to Portugal and Canada using our travel guide.Download

Learn to See The World: Greece & Philadelphia

By: Destinee Truluck & Maureik Vickers Learn how to plan a trip to Greece and Philadelphia using our travel guide.Download Download

Let’s Go See The World: Ecuador & Puerto Rico

By: Christene Harris & McCathie Eugene Learn How to Travel to Ecuador and Puerto Rico from our GuideDownload

Travel Daily New Orleans & Puerto Plata

Anita Williams & Luz De Los Santos & Bria Rouse Learn about to plan trips to New Orleans & Puerto Plata from our travel guide Download

Imani And Ajamu’s Declassified: Bermuda & LA

By: Ajamu Davis & Imani Stafford Learn how to plan trips to Bermuda & LA from our travel GuideDownload

Armon Moore

My name is Armon Moore.I like to travel but I really haven’t been able to go to that many places.I wentdown the East Coast on a black college tour. We went to 10 different schools within a week. Starting from Howard which is in Washington D.C and working our way down to the last spots was ATL Atlanta Georgia. Therewe stop...

Daijah Milton

      My name is Daijah Milton. I am majoring in Mass Communication on a digital track. As a result, traveling is part of my life goals. As a young girl, I traveled with my family during the summer to Georgia for family reunions, took multiple cruises to the Bahamas and Aruba. I started traveling alone until I was 18 years old. The places...

Niare Galvez

Hi, my name is NiareGalvez! I am a Boston native, who has a passion to travel every knick and cranny of this world. Being as though I attend Lincoln University, Pennsylvania is the first state that I traveled to by myself. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel with my immediate family almost everywhere that I go....

Aisja Cunningham

I am Aisja Cunningham, a Washington, D.C. native, bound to experience traveling the world throughout my lifetime. I was born and raised in the capital of the United States as an African American woman in a predominantly black city with a subculture of its own. From the vernacular, the music, and the environment, the city’s culture...

Video: Anndrea McDaniels

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