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All things Puerto Rico & Ghana

By: Faith Nimely, Josephine Nimely, Niare Galve Learn how to plan your trip to Puerto Rico using our guideDownload Learn how to plan a trip to Ghana using our guideDownload

Let’s Take A Trip To The West Coast

By: Armon Moore, Ikeis Bradley, John Cook Learn how to plan a trip to Los Angeles, California Download

Bria Rouse

Hello! My name is Bria Rouse and I was born and raised on the island of St. Croix, located in the United States Virgin Islands. From the time I was a little girl my mom would often take my sister and brother and I to trips to neighboring islands including St. Thomas,...

Luz De Los Santos

My first experience traveling was at the age of 8 when my mom decided it was time for me to move to the US Virgin Islands. My excitement was over the roof as I couldn’t wait to board the plane and set foot on what would be my new home. The beauty of the US Virgin Islands...

All Things New Orleans

By: Kashmere Hunter Learn how to plan a trip to New OrleansDownload

Come Visit Us In: Mexico

By: Gabby Powell Learn how to plan a trip to MexicoDownload

Mya Oliver

Traveling isn’t something that I’ve done often but it’s something I plan to do more. For the most part, while growing up my parents were not focused on visiting other places unless we had family there. The furthest I’ve ever traveled to is probably Florida. This is something I definitely want to change. 

McCathie Eugene

Traveling is more than just the money and an all-inclusive hotel, propped on the beach-side with sand in between your toes, and fresh air to cool your body, while you rest in a hammock.  While that sounds like the ideal vacation getaway, the concept of traveling, especially across different cultures, is much deeper than...

Kirk Henderson

When I was ten years old, I learned how to teleport. Not through any kind of device or magic ability and not even through a portal or a million dollars. I learned how to teleport when I hopped in a car, plane, bus, or train to who-knows-where and learned about life afterwards. I learned how to...

Kayla Tisdale

Hello, My name is Kayla Tisdale and I am a sophomore attending the illustrious Lincoln University. I am currently enrolled in a seminar on Tourism and Intercultural Communication which has taught me so much about the basics of communication, how other cultures communicate (and how that may differ from what I’m used...
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