Tuesday, January 18

A Turnt Up Turn Out


Kendall Gilbert

Recently I hosted my first event by myself as Mr. Lincoln called “Good Fits.” The premise of the event was to show freshman males when, where, and how to wear different kinds of dress clothes. It was a fashion expo and a mixer at the same time. I had a runway of models consisting of other male leaders on campus and served pizza and other refreshments.

“It was amazing! I wish more people showed up because it was so great!” – Lincoln University senior, Charles “Chuck” Strothers

The event turned from just being a forum to something much bigger. When I opened up the floor for questions, the freshman that attended were craving for information. Our discussions about clothing turned into steps and plans to improve male leadership on campus and setting up the legacy Lincoln University once had. The event was only scheduled for an hour, but due to thriving discussion, we were there for 3 hours. It was truly a fellowship, much better than I could ever imagine.

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