Tuesday, November 30

Campus Prepared for Irene

BY Ashley Broadbelt

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY–Just like the rest of the East Coast who prepared for the wrath of Hurricane Irene, Lincoln University took extra precaution to ensure the safety of their students.

It was a busy week for the Physical Plant as they had to deal with an earthquake and hurricane.

 Joseph Murphy director of the Physical Plant held a meeting on Thursday, with staff from the Physical plant as well as with Residential Life and development.

“On Friday our guys went around and checked all the storm drains to make sure they were clear. We also put down sand bags in areas on campus,” said Murphy.

Also on Friday, Jacqueline D. Gibson, the Director of Student Life and Dean of Students, issued a statement with guidelines for students to follow, such as removing items from their dorm windows and have batteries in case of any power outages.

“In essence, preparation is the best practice against the dangers of a hurricane.  As a best practice, we ask that you please take heed to the guidelines above and be as cautious as possible during this time,” said Gibson in her statement.

The Physical Plant also had extra staff member on campus during the storm.

“I was here from 8 Saturday till about 11:30 Sunday morning,” said Murphy. “We also had two maintenance [workers] and had two electricians on Sunday morning.

Hyungjung Kang, a freshman resident of Hansberry Hall and originally from Washington State, said she felt nothing during the storm,  as she was prepared and had been in  a hurricane before.

“The R.A’s asked if anyone was staying. They really didn’t go over any safety procedures,” Kang said

Kang also states that during the storm, her dorm had minor flooding in a staircase and tiles in the lounge area ceiling fell.

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