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Lincoln University Honor Students’ Academic Excellence at Convocation



By Makeda White and Nicholas J. Blackmon

Thursday, March 23., Lincoln University honored its exceptional students at the annual Student Recognition Awards Convocation.

The ceremony opened with a welcome from Patricia Pierce Ramsey, Lincoln University’s provost and VP for academic affairs, to students, parents, faculty and staff for participating in the celebration of Lincoln students followed by invocation delivered by the University’s Chaplain, Rev. Frederick T. Faison.

Guest speaker Kimberly D. Whitehead, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, began her speech by honoring students and the people who contributed to the students academic advancement.

“Sometimes we are so busy putting out fires that we do not get the opportunity to reflect upon the positives things that are happening on our campuses, today we not only celebrate the accomplishments of our students but we also honor those of you who have in some way contribute to the achievements of the students”

Most students considered their academic achievements a direct response to their professors’ teaching abilities and their close knit family relationships on Lincoln’s campus.

Markus Warner, a senior majoring in religion and pan-africana, has received a student recognition award for three consecutive years. Warner attributes his high academic performance to his “passionate professors.”

“They all are very passionate about what they do. They give you a sense of life….a new breath of fresh air when comes to being a religion major” said Warner, who received the outstanding religion major award.

Senior Abena Kwegyir-Aggrey also attributes her success academic career to her professors. Due of the “smaller class sizes I got to know them a lot more…being able to development a relationship with them helped me [to] navigate all four years.”

Each department was given the opportunity to honor the remarkable students within their major, listed below are the Mass Communications Department’s Awards.

For Outstanding Departmental Leadership and Service

Trejha Whitfield.

Outstanding Writing and Research in Mass Communication Award

Tasha Saint-Louis.

Outstanding Digital Communication Student Award and Outstanding On-Air Personality Award Eddie Jones.

Outstanding Strategic Communication Student Award and Leadership Award

Jemilah Alghali.

Outstanding Production Award

Imer Bradley.

Excellence in Service

Elias Ajuwa.

Excellence in Public Speaking and Presentation Award

Charles Strother. 

Excellence in Advertising Award

Bianca Woodard.

Excellence in Public Relations Award

Alundea Nelson.

Excellence in Video Editing Award

Dionne Delaney.

Excellence in journalism Award

Chanel Watson.

Excellence in Multimedia Editing Award

Heshvah Gladden.

The Lincolnian Award

Makeda White.

Whitehead ended her speech by delivering “pearls of wisdom,” to the audience but more specifically, to the students “your success is not yours alone but shared among those people who support, nourish and love you.”

A famous African proverb states “it takes a village to raise a child.”

For each of us to have made it thus far in our academic careers, somebody had to believe us, push us and love us.

Thank them, every accomplishment it not yours alone.

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