Wednesday, October 27

4th Annual Mass Comm Week

“Positioning For Power”

By: Alana Hudson

Midterms are over and it’s about that time we start recognizing our majors in a different light. Brace yourselves mass comm gang this is the week for you to go out with a bang. Mar 20th– 24th will be filled of guest speakers that have succeeded in our field of study. So here are some footnotes to prepare you on what to expect from this week and whom you should be expecting.

Monday will be a few things to expect but you can’t miss the “Views from the View”, hosted by our very own Nicole Webb. This event is a panel discussion from a various amount of Lincoln alumni; they’ll keep it real with how Lincoln has prepared them and how their success came about after graduation.

Tuesday, Ron Martin an anchorman at WGAL will bless your presence and give great insight and feed back on what is like in a news station. So for all that’s been hooked on watching “Being Mary Jane”, ask some questions that doesn’t revolve around Rhonda renewing her contract but more so the relationship between a news caster and their producer.

Wednesday both Cherri Gregg, a community affairs reporter at KYW newsradio and Victoria Nedigh, vice president of strategic initiatives at Comcast NBCUniversal, will be in attendance in Grim Hall Auditorium 212 but of course at different times. So make space for 11am and 3pm.

Thursday… now this is what really is going to blow your mind. It’s a tone of things to get into that should put you on the map, especially if you’re in the Philadelphia area. There is a iHeart Radio site visit (you may meet Cappuccino) and then a few speakers that will be visiting Mia Jackson, Quincy Harris, and Ransom Rockwood. If you had Dr. T for mass media and society you probably had a class were they Skype in. So find those notes you took (or borrow mine) and ask some follow up questions!

Friday concludes our busy week but don’t forget to get your professional headshot for your LinkedIn page or whatever blog you have and put it to great use. So use this week as a career booster and ask for internship opportunities and dress to impress. Use all that knowledge you paid go money for. Have your resume and if you’re a blogger follow all the guest speakers before walking into the rom so you have something a little extra to ask questions. So to help you all out click the hyperlinks that will lead you to their bios right here on the Lincolnian. So sit up straight in those seats and show Dj Khaled what shining really looks like.

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