Wednesday, October 27

2018 Class Trip

Yadira Johnson

The graduating Class of 2018 are in for a tidal wave of Caribbean experience to the Dominican Republic and a week full of fun activities held on campus. The class board casted a vote for different destination spots such as Jamaica and Las Vegas just to name a few. However, in the end the the overall majority voted for the Dominican Republic. The senior class president, Afiya Rawls, and the rest of the board members scheduled a meeting in the Ivory V. Nelson Science Center on Tuesday November 28th at 7pm to discuss senior week and the senior class trip. Students came to the board meeting anxious to find out the final destination of the trip and what the senior week festivities entailed. It was announced that the seniors were going on an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic and the resort is soon to be determined.

As for pricing, each student who would like to attend is required to pay $800. The first payment is a deposit of $200 to secure their spot. After the initial down payment, the students may continue to make down payments, or just pay the rest in full. This class trip will be held on April 28th – May 2nd and the following week will be dedicated to senior week here on Lincoln’s campus. Ideas were shared during the meeting for senior week, but nothing is confirmed. When asked, Business Management major Zina Lee how does she feel about senior trip she responded, “I feel the price is definitely affordable for students who may want to go, and the destination is lit!”  With this it’s safe to say that this year’s senior trip will be one to look forward to.

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