2013 Executive Secretary Candidates

Alicia Robinson
Alicia Robinson

Alicia Robinson,class of 2015,business management major and business information technology minor.

Please detail your campaign slogan.

Innovative for you! Informative to you! Interested in you!

The reason behind my choice of this slogan is because I am really adamant about putting the student back into St Government Association.

I will provide innovative ways to connect with the students through weekly and monthly e-newsletters, I will effectively be able to inform the students about their Lincoln University, and through better communication and proving the students with more outlets to voice their opinions, concerns, and comments, S.G.A. will show our dedication and interest to the students I am serving.

What are your campaign initiatives?

There are five platform initiatives that I have which include:

1- Pioneering the idea of creating a weekly e-newsletter outlining student-body related activities/events being held on behalf of student organizations. It will:
1) help student organizations promote their events

2) inhibit students to become more active on campus through awareness of activities

3) conveniently inform students of time and budget they would need to dedicate to the events they wish to attend

4) Be sent out every Friday.

2-   The monthly e-newsletter will:

1) Include important information as it relates the student body

2) Include important words from figures on campus such as the Dean of Students, Director of the Office of Financial Aid, the President of the University,etc.

3) Include a interesting facts about Lincoln University and accomplished Lincoln alumni so that students are aware of the legacy they have the responsibility of carrying on.

3- Bi-Monthly Student Satisfaction Survey. It will:

1) Gauge student satisfaction in regards to certain aspects of the university which may include Residence Life, Financial Aid Office, Student Life and Development, etc.

2) Allow the Student Government Association to be more in tune with the students by providing a general consensus of how the people we serve are feeling.

3) Be administered by hand and electronically.

4- Make the S.G.A. homepage to be more accessible to the students by placing it in the quick links on the Lincoln University website homepage. It will:

1) Detail S.G.A. members and their specific roles, their office hours, their extensions, their emails.​

2) Include a calendar which outlines all events occurring on behalf of S.G.A.

3) Include links to a copy of every monthly e-newsletter that has been sent out.

4) A submittable e-form for complaints, suggestions, and solutions.

5- More communication about job availability. It will:

1) Provide the students more awareness both of on-campus and off-campus job availability by emailing lists of job opportunities students at the beginning of every semester.

2) Information sessions on work-aid/work-study student pay every semester.

3) Better communication with the Office of Student Support Services, which is the office which handles students pay.

Cecelia Blamah-Sah
Cecelia Blamah-Sah

Cecelia-Blamah- Sah,class of 2014,English major and black studies minor

Please detail your slogan.

“A vote for CC is a vote for success”

What are you campaign initiatives?

a) Better promotion of student body meetings/ more frequent student body meetings

b) Make an informational both semesters to properly educate students about the benefits of work aid/ work study, the requirements, and how they can apply.

c) Create a bi-weekly e-newsletter to ensure students are up to date on events, programs, administrators, and departments within the university.

d) Work hand in hand with VP of internal affairs to enhance communication between students and S.G.A. with a suggestion drop box system.

e) Walk-in forms for organizations / individuals to fill out if they request any sort of help from S.G.A.

What will you bring to your desired position?

What will you bring to the desired position: I will be bringing my proven English proficiency skills, punctuality, personal experience with faculty and staff, strong communication skills, great listening skills, and the attitude needed to be effective in carrying out the duties of an S.G.A. secretary to the table.

Shidea J. Archie
Shidea J. Archie

Shidea J. Archie,class of 2015

Has not responded to questions.



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