10 Ways to Tackle Midterm Madness

By: Cerella Ferebee

It’s the time to cringe and rejoice simultaneously as you enter that time of the semester for midterms.

While midterm season brings on the anxiety and panic attacks, it’s also a friendly reminder that you have survived to the halfway mark of the semester.

As you prepare for the beginning to the end, here are some exam preparation strategies that could help save your midterm grade.

First: Make sure you are sure of the material that will be on the test. You can do this by simply asking the Professor.

Second: Review your notes every day after each class period and keep up with the readings. This will help you tremendously because you will be prepared by the time the test comes. If you haven’t reviewed your notes every day, then start two days before the test and again on test day, right before the test.

Third: Sleep and exercise are very important for not only midterms but for daily habits. Some people can survive without 3 hours of sleep and still function but others not so much. According to the National Sleep Foundation there is no “magic number” on the hours of sleep an individual may need, but it’s still important to get as much sleep that’s needed to focus mentally for the test.

Fourth: If you exercise daily this will help to relieve stress. Exercise allows your body to release endorphins that can help lift you mood and taper off the negative effects of stress.

Fifth: Make sure to get up in time to get a good breakfast. Studies have proven that students who get a good night sleep and have a good breakfast retain more information.

Sixth: Try not to cram in studying time if several exams are scheduled the following week. Instead make sure you give yourself enough time to schedule study sessions.

Seventh: Form a study group with classmates; be sure to pick people who will not distract you. Some students perform well if they study alone, if this is the case meet up later to discuss what you studied and try to quiz each other before the exam.

Eight, Prioritize what needs to get done by writing it down. Make a list of the things that need to get done sooner or will take up more time. If you finish what will take the most time, when you get to the easier task it’ll be just a breeze.

Ninth: Change your study location. If you always study in your room try to pick a quiet spot in the library to help boost your concentration more.

Tenth: Last but not least try not to go crazy about midterms. Stay calm and always remember that your midterm grade is not your final grade; you still have time to improve in your classes before finals.

Your midterm grade can be reassuring that you are doing well or can serve as a wakeup call for those to step it up.  Regardless of the reason, stay cool, calm, and collective, midterms can only last but for so long.

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